1 family and their tradition of kindness

6 years ago, Dan and Ashlie decided to start a new tradition with their kids- one that focused on others instead of on wanting something or on only being good in order to get gifts. They came up with the idea to have a stuffed reindeer visit each day in December and hold an act of kindness challenge for the day. Each night, they would write a note from the reindeer to their kids, encouraging them to do something specific at some point the next day. Their kids would wake up in the morning, running out of their rooms to find him and couldn't wait to read about their challenge for the day. Dan and Ashlie  loved hearing the stories about things the kids were doing at school and how it positively affected those around them. Other acts of kindness were designed to be done as a family and they have created some incredible memories while giving and thinking of others. Throughout the years, they have noticed that the lessons learned have carried throughout the year. Their children are more aware of the world around them, how their actions affect others, and how one simple act of kindness can make an incredible difference.

Eventually, it was decided to make Randy the Reindeer a tradition that families all over could enjoy. After countless hours of designing the perfect Randy the Reindeer prototype, we are excited to share it with all of you and see how our tradition becomes a tradition for people all around the world! Make kindness a tradition in your home this holiday season!

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